Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ivy Valentine

Ivy's appearance and demeanor have been a focus of discussions, with her commonly compared to or described as a dominatrix,[73][74] and has been noted both as the series' sexiest female and one of the "most beautiful women in gaming".[50][75] She is used as a sex symbol in various third-party media, her likeness appearing in material including magazine swimsuit issue pin-ups,[76] periodicals such as Play's annual "Girls of Gaming" series,[55][77][78][79] and pornographic dōjinshi.[80] Advertisements have also focused on her visual appeal, such as Sega's television commercial for Soulcalibur's Dreamcast port.[81] Other media facets have made comparisons between her and Lara Croft in terms of attractiveness,[82] or depicted them as rivals alongside other female characters in a similar context.[83][84] Other sources have used her as a standard for a character archetype, comparing later created female characters to her design and appearance.[85] Studies on video games have noted Ivy in the subject of games "growing up", discussing the increasing popularity of "video game babes" and the reactions of men and women towards them. (wikipedia)

Ivy is certainly one of the hottest video game characters, with her huge boobs and revealing outfit.  She earns her spot easily on GameBoobs.

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